Cephas (“see-fuss”) was originally formed in 2012 to manage complex investments on three different continents. The current Cephas team joined together in 2018, united by a common vision to unlock value for stakeholders, steward relationships and capital, and explore investment opportunities in alternative investments.


We are focused on creating value in private equity investment opportunities. Our core focus is creating value in private equity transactions in order to deploy resources into organizations that align with our principles and worldview and spur others on towards generosity.

Cephas Partners seeks to operate on Christian principles, and we strive to develop talented individuals to operate in their areas of giftedness, with a focus on maximizing value for investors, partners, and employees.


Our core competencies drive our investment and business philosophy, and our core values drive our worldview. We seek to engage in meaningful transactions while pursuing the following core values:

Generosity: We seek to invest a majority of the firm’s distributable profits into organizations that align with Christian principles and worldview, out of a spirit of generosity. We seek to spur other like-minded businesses further along the journey of generosity and be highly engaged with partner organizations.

Stewardship: We strive to maximize our highest and best uses so we can be the best stewards possible of our time, talent and treasure.

Authenticity: We strive to lead lives, professionally and personally, that are authentic.

Prayer: We believe that God knows the future, and loves us more than we can imagine. We look to Him for guidance.

Excellence: We strive to be excellent at all that we do – work, service, and family.

Joy and Fun: We value laughter, having fun, and finding joy in our work and life.

Legacy: We work to build on the rock, with a firm foundation that stands the test of time – but we work to be remembered for far more than business long after we’re gone.

What does “Cephas” Mean?

Cephas means rock or stone in Aramaic. Cephas is most commonly known because Jesus gave his follower, Simon, the new name of Cephas. Jesus also called Simon “Petros,” the Greek word for rock or stone which translates in English to “Peter.” Simon was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles and a leader in the early Christian church. Jesus called Simon “Cephas” and “Petros” or “Peter” because he was to be the rock upon which the Christian church was to be built. Even though Simon, like all men, had flaws, Jesus gave him a name that symbolizes strength and stability. At Cephas Partners, our mission is to build a firm which exemplifies the qualities of Peter—continually learning from past experiences and working with integrity to develop a strong foundation. Like Peter, we strive daily to follow Jesus and His teachings.

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What does our Logo Mean?

The Cephas logo was created to communicate strength and stability, along with symbolism to represent the redemptive story of Jesus’ disciple, Simon Peter, found in Matthew 16:13-18. Each of the elements of the Cephas Partners logo carry meaning that finds root in Scripture and informs our approach to investing.

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