Partnership through Trust

Cephas Partners is a private equity firm specializing in alternative investments. Cephas was originally formed in 2012 to assist affiliates of The Blackstone Group in managing complex investments on three different continents. The current Cephas team is growing Cephas Partners into a multifaceted investment platform with an eternal worldview. Cephas Partners seeks to maximize opportunities for its investors, partners and employees and leave a legacy of generosity.

Management through Experience

Our partners collectively have more than fifty years of experience structuring, directly investing in, and managing alternative investments. This experience includes investing institutional and high net worth capital throughout North and South America and Europe, and managing more than $5 billion in assets globally.

Growth through Discipline

Cephas has navigated through challenging economic cycles and environments with a focus on patient and disciplined investing along with transparent and institutional management.

At Cephas, we believe that with faith in things unseen, we can create value and help our partners, investors and employees move from here to there.