Cephas Partners is an independent real estate investment and advisory firm providing management and strategic advice to its investors and clients. Cephas (“see-fuss”) was formed in 2012 to assist affiliates of The Blackstone Group in managing complex real estate transactions in three different continents with a primary focus on investments in Latin America.


Developing economies present compelling investment environments with high economic growth, fragmented ownership, a shortage of institutional quality space and developing capital markets.  The challenge for investors is how to successfully participate in these markets through volatile cycles, transparency gaps, local bureaucracies and often inconsistent legal systems.


Cephas believes the key to sustained success is to have a broad, bottom’s up understanding of developing markets coupled with an institutional perspective. Establishing clear alignment of interests and implementing processes that ensure a culture of disciplined management, accountability, transparency and operational efficiency with local partners and operators is essential to successfully navigating the unavoidable challenges of investing in emerging markets.

What Does “Cephas” Mean?

Cephas is the Aramaic word for “rock” that was given as a new name by Jesus to the disciple Simon. Even though Simon, like all men, had flaws, Jesus gave him a name that symbolizes strength and stability. At Cephas Partners, our mission is to build a firm which exemplifies the qualities of Peter—continually learning from past experiences and working with integrity to develop a strong foundation. Like Peter, we strive daily to follow Jesus and His teachings.

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